About Bill Long

Bill Long has spent much of his life in law enforcement. As a young man he served in the United States Submarine Service. Soon after completing his military enlistment, he spent twenty-six years in law enforcement, having twice served as the Narcotic Bureau Commander within the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department. During his career as a lawman, he managed to earn a BA Degree in Criminal Justice from the California State University in Sacramento. He also attended and graduated from the National FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia in 1985. After retiring from the Sheriff's Department in 1989, he worked as an investigator for the next fourteen years, the first one and one-half years as a contract employee for BP Oil and then the remaining time as an investigator for the State of Oregon. He has many experiences to draw from, including once assisting the United States Secret Service in 1984 with the protection of then President Ronald Reagan. He has authored thirteen short stories, two non-fiction articles and the two novels "Twist" and "Twist Again". He now makes his home in Hawaii.

Bill Long