Twist Again

Twist Again is a sequel to Twist. It is a story of revenge, beginning almost two years after Deputy Sheriff Shawna Quinn shot and killed Mickey Bauer, the man who had murdered Detective Rick Mason, Quinn's fiancé at the time. Having gone through the stages of denial and blame, Quinn seems forever imprisoned within the confines of grief, unable to enter the final stage of acceptance. Her suppressed rage is perhaps for good reasons. In years past, her father, a narcotic detective, had also been murdered. The person or persons responsible were never identified. Now she has fallen in love with a young patrol officer, Tommy Winfield, son of the late Thomas Winfield, an attorney who had stepped over to the other side of the law and was also murdered by some of the same people within the same circle of drug dealers associated with Bauer when he was alive. Quinn vowed to herself to take them all down, though she had no idea how she would go about it, until one day when Rita Garcia showed up as an inmate in the Women's Detention Facility at the Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center.

Twist Again


Twist is a police-procedural thriller about three criminal factions dealing with narcotic investigation, ultimately brought together by character Shawna Quinn, a twenty-three year-old rookie taken from the Sacramento Sheriff's Training Academy. It happens in 1985, when Quinn is assigned to work undercover in a local high school. Things get complicated by Quinn's love relationship with a narcotic detective, then even more complex when she stumbles upon a major drug operation directed in part by a local attorney, who happens to be the father of a popular high-school boy who has become infatuated with her. The story ends tragically for some of the characters on both sides of the law, but perhaps the real tragedy is what the drug culture has done, and is doing, to America.

Bill Long